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What It Takes to Win by Rich Froning with David Thomas Rich Froning is riding the rocket ship of fame as high as the young sport of CrossFit will take him. Convincingly winning his third consecutive CrossFit Games in July, overcoming an impressive challenge by Jason Khalipa, Froning is firmly at the top of the competitive CrossFit pyramid. If there a champion crown, he wearing it. I found Froning book to be more interesting than I anticipated, insightful, and inspirational, perhaps in ways not intended. Released by Tyndale House, a well known Christian publishing firm, First is peppered with reminders that Rich strong religious beliefs are never far from his consideration. On some level Froning considers his prowess at CrossFit, his inexhaustible work capacity and considerable mental toughness to be part of a larger effort to shine a light on the power of his belief in God. I been around Froning a few times
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day after Harbaugh cut short a public practice at the stadium and just days before the team’s final home preseason game.The San Francisco 49ers ripped up a 100 yard stretch of grass running down the middle of the field at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara and began installing a new playing surface on Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014. (Courtesy of Steve Hung)The field was beat up causing some players to fall Wednesday following the Niners first game at the stadium last Sunday, a preseason loss to the Denver Broncos. The Niners apologized to the 10,000 fans who made the trip to Wednesday’s training camp session and would only say in a brief statement that the field would be ready for Sunday’s preseason game against the San Diego Chargers."One game shouldn’t have caused it to fall apart," said Kevin Morris, executive director of the National Turf Grass Evaluation Program, a leading nonprofit that tests grasses. "It’s a problem for the team for sure."The thick cut sod the team is installing

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